From Abuser To Family Man

"To End Domestic Violence The Abuser Must Change Their Mental Health!"


A.W. Burgess, commonly called "The Wolf" in corporate America, is a native of Baltimore, Maryland where he is a graduate of McDonogh School. With a promising future in collegiate and professional sports, as well as incredibly rare career opportunities on the horizon, he went to prison at the onset of his senior year of college, as a result of domestic violence(DV).


After receiving a life-altering treatment in 1992 at the Central State Hospital, a penitentiary psychiatric hospital, he emerged from prison as a permanently disenfranchised convicted felon, and a change agent charged to lovingly help DV offenders, sexual deviants, child abusers, and bullies. Burgess helps these individuals find the root cause of their violent behavior, so they do not harm others, the community they reside, their families, and their very own legacy as he once did. By aiding them to find their mental wellness, he keeps innocent victims from being harmed or killed, while also ending cycles and cultures of violence, secrets, silence, and generational trauma/curses in offender's bloodlines/DNA.


Burgess works with and serves the most at risk and most violent, to protect and serve the most vulnerable and innocent, saving both, and the community they reside, so that ALL can be the most victorious in their one and only lifetime. These community citizens are the most at risk youth, abused, neglected, disrespected, bullied, children, women and men, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, people with disabilities, our aging citizens, veterans, and pet animals.

Today he is affectionately called The FAMILY MAN and is the accountable leader of the A.W. Burgess Companies and Managing Partner of IMPACT BDC Sales & Service Consulting. He is the Founder and National Executive Director of FAMILY MANKIND Inc. a non-profit organization that advocates for victims, families, and those participating in violent behavior. 

His book, The Family Man: Solutions To Permanently Eradicate Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, and Bullying  discusses in detail how he went from being a DV offender to a Family Man, offering solutions to abusers to permanently end violence! Burgess confesses to the world that he was a domestic violence offender, abuser, and bully and prays that his public admission will create a transparent movement that inspires other abusers to come forward to receive the required mental health services that will permanently end their struggles with domestic violence. The Family Man is available for domestic and international sale on Barnes & Noble and Amazon. 



Burgess can be reached for speaking engagements, corporate training, expert testimony, and professional workshops via awburgess@awburgess.com or by contacting his administrative assistant at 704-287-0086.


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FAMILY MANKIND™ is an abuser and batterers intervention company focused on the safety of victims and the mental wellness of domestic violence batterers, abusers, and bullies. When we change the violent offender’s mentality and abusive behavior towards innocent people, we change the destination of individual’s lives and legacies and break the cycles of violence, silence, and secrets.


We literally are saving the lives and legacies of generations.

The Family Man & 

Former Domestic 

Violence Offender